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Automatic Towel Dispenser

The Autotowel Electronic Paper Towel Dispenser is a controlled touch-free paper towel system which reduces cost, waste and the risk of cross-contamination.

With adjustable dispenser settings, you can customise the system’s sheet length and mode of operation to meet the needs of your washroom environment. The high-capacity design reduces maintenance and allows better control over service intervals.

The Autotowel also has a unique stub roll delivery feature which allows a continuous feed from the partially finished roll to the new roll, avoiding any wastage.

In addition, our soft, absorbent, high capacity towel options provide a quick and pleasant hand drying experience. The dispenser can also be locked to prevent the unauthorised removal of consumables and batteries.

This product is suitable for public & commercial washrooms, production floors, food preparation areas, health facilities and other busy areas.

We supply and install the Autotowel Dispenser free on loan, your only cost is for the paper hand towel you use.


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