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Ecomat Urinal Deodorizer

Ultimate 1.0 Ecomat Urinal Deoodorizer is an environmently friendly urinal mat that stops bad odours in drains, and it leaves a pleasant smell. Its non-pathogenic bacteria break down uric acid and clear blocked drains.

Key Benefits:

  • Freshens Urinal a full 30 days

  • Revolutionary design releases non pathogenic bacteria with every flush

  • Complies with all Australian Standards

  • Recommended by the manufacturer of waterless urinals

  • Cleans and deodorizes, which a great time-saver

This deodorizer is easy , convenient to use and can fit most urinals. It is packed to keep its freshness. Compared to normal PVC screens, Ultimate 1.0 Ecomat is better for the environment. And it contains 2x the fragrance of look-a-like screens. Available in 3 fragrances.

It saves you time as Ultimate 1.0 Ecomat Urinal Deodoriser does not just clean but it also deodorises your bathroom. It is recommended for use in waterless urinals and to have in your bathroom cleaning arsenal.

Download a copy of the Ecomat Urinal Deodorizer Brochure


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