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Offering a complete range of washroom products designed to satisfy the high expectations of today's washroom users.

Sanitary Bag Dispenser

The Sanitary Bag Dispenser System is a discrete and convenient solution for the washroom. It compliments other Bin systems and ensures hygienic disposal of waste.

  • Easy to clean
  • Discrete
  • Simple to install
  • Single bag dispensing for consumable use control
  • This robust unit is constructed from durable ABS plastic and is simply and quickly installed via an adhesive pad to avoid damaging your tiles or walls.
  • The sanitary bag dispenser is designed to dispense one bag at a time.

Bag Refills

The Lady Hygiene Sanitary Bag Dispensers & Refills are an easy to use sanitary solution for the bathroom and avoids wastage by having to replace loose paper sanitary bags.


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