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Offering a complete range of washroom products designed to satisfy the high expectations of today's washroom users.

Sanitary disposal

For a clean and professional washroom environment the provision of a Sanitary Napkin Disposal Service is arguably the most important part of any washroom service.

Ace Hygiene Services Sanitary units are designed to provide a safe and hygienic way to dispose of sanitary waste and also protects the environment by encouraging responsible disposal which can otherwise end up being flushed down your toilet and risking expensive plumbing costs or polluting our waterways.

Our Company offer a discreet and reliable service tailored to your particular needs, each unit has a modesty flap which ensures the contents within the unit will never be viewed by the end user.

Each unit is removed at your timed service and completely removed and replaced with a freshly cleaned and sanitised unit.

Our service is provided by friendly fully trained uniformed staff who will exchange your unit discreetly and without any disruption to your workplace.

We comply with all relevant environmental standards and workplace regulations.

Customer service is our No1 priority.

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