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Offering a complete range of washroom products designed to satisfy the high expectations of today's washroom users.

Washroom Supplies

Ace Hygiene Services stock a full range of washroom supplies including the Geca approved cleaning product range by Earth Renewable and a range of Geca Paper products.

Earth renewable products are a revolutionary breakthrough in green cleaning technology utilising the potent cleaning properties of ingredients derived from natural, biodegradable, renewable and sustainable botanical resources. 

All earth renewable cleaning products clean just as powerfully as the toxic cleaning products you are currently using, they are easy to use and they are surprisingly economical. All earth renewable cleaning products are certified as environmentally friendly by Good Environmental Choice Australia.

We also supply a complete range of paper bathroom supplies including Toilet Paper, Hand Towel, and Facial Tissues and a large array of dispensers to suit your washroom requirements. We source Geca approved paper products whenever these become available in the marketplace, many of our paper and cleaning products already have this renowned certification.

Why buy GECA certified products?

We all care about the impact we have on the planet and want to do the right thing through our purchasing decisions. We know how important it is to make sure products or services we bring into our homes and offices are healthy and safe for our families and colleagues, while also minimising the environmental impact of our choices.

Many businesses have realised how crucial their role in this is and have taken steps to improve their products or services by making them more sustainable. Through choosing GECA certified products you are helping yourself and supporting those businesses that are doing the right thing. 

The GECA ecolabel shows that a product or service has been rigorously assessed for its impact over its life cycle and it is safer for you and your family or colleagues. When you choose GECA certified products you can have confidence in the environmental and health claims of the product. 

Benefits of buying GECA certified products

  • Environmentally preferable
    Deciding to choose GECA certified products means that you are making a better decision for the environment. GECA certified products or services have been rigorously and independently assessed to ensure they are environmentally preferable. GECA is different from some other ecolabels because it takes into account the environmental impact of a product throughout its life — from where raw materials come from to how the product is eventually disposed of. 
  • Addresses health impacts
    We understand that you want to protect your family and those around you (not to mention yourself!), which is why we address the impacts that products have on human health. We ensure that our certified products consider the effects of toxic chemicals such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or carcinogenic substances on human health.
  • Considers social impacts
    We care about the conditions in which certified products are manufactured, which is why GECA's standards consider the social impacts of the products it certifies, including safer and more ethical working conditions.
  • Something for everyone
    GECA is a multi-sector program; meaning it has standards for many types of products from furniture to cleaning products, and paint to building materials. 
  • Better for business
    Purchasing GECA certified products can bring benefits to your business. A healthy and sustainable work environment can improve the health and productivity of your staff as well as offering a cost-effective solution. Furthermore, supporting your environmental aspirations by choosing GECA certified products can also be an important message to give to your staff and other stakeholders.

Earth Renewable Product Pricelist

Bio Blitz Biological Multipurpose Cleaner

Bio BlitzTM Biological Cleaner Concentrate is a revolutionary multipurpose cleaner containing friendly bacteria that eliminates most causes of dirt, making cleaning easier.

Key benefits

  • Keeps cleaning upon application
  • Australian Owned & Made
  • Biodegradable and Sustainable
  • Reduces your carbon footprint
  • Eliminates offensive odors
  • Contains a natural citrus fragrance
  • Easily removes grease, dirt and grime
  • Protects fancy tap ware and furniture
  • Non-hazardous, non-flammable formula
  • Safe to use around the house and office
  • Ideal for conventional and waterless urinals
  • Safe for all plumbing types and septic tanks
  • Prevents plumbing blockages
  • Concentrate formula for larger savings
  • Replaces most cleaning products

Download the Bio Blitz Brochure


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